#Deadpool 2: Like the first movie? Then you’ll love the sequel, say reviewers

The early verdict on Deadpool 2, which arrives in New Zealand cinemas today, is about as simple to piece together as the straightforward plot of the Fox film itself:

Did you like the first Deadpool? Then you’re likely to warm up to this superhero sequel. What the follow-up can’t possibly provide in freshness this time around, the consensus says, the new film makes up for by trying a bit more tenderness.

Beyond that, the recipe’s nearly the same for the merrily sophomoric sophomore outing: The Merc With a Mouth (Ryan Reynolds) snarks his way through pierced fourth-walls and slices his way through katana-pierced baddies by the score.

And the numbers for the first wave of reviews bear out the similarities between the films: The sequel is doing slightly better on Metacritic.com (average score: 68) than the first film did (65), and the follow-up is running nearly dead-even on Rotten Tomatoes (84 per cent “fresh”), compared with the original (83).

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