Avenida Brasil Premieres Tonight On ONTV & ONTVMAX

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“Avenida Brasil” became a phenomenom when it aired in Brazil in 2012. The tale of a young woman coming back years later to avenge her father captivated a nation. “Avenida” was an original screenplay developed by João Emanuel Carneiro who proved he was able to unite a country by telling a story that reflected society.

Avenida Brasil FA 13

“Avenida Brasil” has aired in many Latin countries and is set to premiere in Lagos, Nigeria tonight On ONTV and ONTVMAX By 10:00PM. Watch the trailer:

The telenovela stars Debora Falabella, Murilo Benicio, Cauã Reymond and Adriana Esteves about a young woman that returns to avenge the death of her father.

The Brazilian melodrama centers on Rita and her father played by Tony Ramos. After the death of Rita’s mother, her father marries Carminha (Adriana Esteves), a conniving and gold-digging woman who acts like a perfect step mother in front of her husband and changes her personality when he’s not around. Rita can see through her and overhears Carminha having a conversation with her accomplice and lover, about fleeing with her husband’s money after he sells the house they live in. Rita warns her father and he later confronts his wife.

In a turn of events and while walking down the “Avenida Brasil” he gets run over by Tufao (Murilo Benicio) and tries to tell him that his wife is a bad person. Tufao, a famous soccer player, doesn’t understand him well and belives he is trying to tell him to take care of his wife but he soon dies. Tufão looks for Carminha and she lets him believe she is a sad widowed woman. She seduces him and later tells him that she is pregnant.

This forces Tufao to break things up with his girlfriend and marry Carminha. Rita, now an orphaned, is abandoned by Carminha in a landfill where she meets a young boy like her who is named Batata. The children fall in love but are soon seperated when an Argentine couple adopt Rita and take her back to their home country. Batata is later adopted by Carminha and Tufao and this adoption was not a coincidence. Rita grows up but with resentment in her heart towards Carminha and all the bad she did in her life. When her adoptive father dies, she masterminds a plan to take Carminha down and unmask her in front of her whole family.

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