Ugo Monye Fashions over 3000 truly reusable Face Masks to aid in Covid-19 pandemic

Nigerian fashionable brand Ugo Monye is giving away 3000 reusable face masks as the coronavirus pandemic continues to take a devastating toll on Nigerian citizens.

With the Outbreak of the Covid-19 which has brought about a perturbing health crisis to the country, the creative director saw the demand to educate and guide people on how to produce and maintain a truly reusable face masks.

After the lockdown was eased and a dusk-to-dawn curfew with restricted movement was enforced, the state government made it compulsory that everybody wears a face mask because it helps us and and other in staying better protected from the deadly virus.

Ugo Monye left his work routine to make these face masks for local distribution and gives them away at no charge. The masks which are protective measure against the novel coronavirus that is spreading across the state were made from 100-percent cotton fabric. They also come with pocket for filters and also filters(coffee and hepa filters endorsed by the NCDC). Although, the cotton masks may not be medically certified but they are far better than nothing.

Part of the maintaining process he mentioned includes: washing in warm water in the most tender way possible, rinsing it, not to squeeze but if you have to, don’t twist and squeeze, you just hold in one hand and squeeze it gently.

As the number of Covid patient keeps increasing on a daily, Ugo Monye fashion brand is stepping up to help combat this virus by churning out these masks as much as possible.

There are more masks to give away so in case you have need for them, kindly visit Ugo Monye’s instagram page, follow and send a DM to ask for one.

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