The singer, who ended her relationship with Big Sean last year, is speaking out for the first time about her breakup with the Detroit rapper. The Shade Room reposted a clip of her in the studio, which prompted a reader to write, “Well. Big Sean… she finna snitch.”

Responding to the comment, Jhené revealed that she and her ex are on good terms. “Me and Sean are good. i’ve got tons of love for him,” she said


She also revealed that her next album, her first since 2017’s Trip, will consist of all freestyles. “my next album is all freestyles where i touch on many subjects and relationships… past, present and future,” she continued. “I know you all love the drama and would like to think everything i do or say is about him, but i’ve been through plenty of other things and situations that i pull inspiration from when i sit down to create a song. have a good day.”

Jhené has been in the studio and recently completed three freestyles. “2019. speaking truth only. you can not control me,” she said via Instagram Stories.

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