P-Square - Beautiful Onyinye ft. Rick Ross [Official Video]
The collaborations just keep coming
In true NIgerian fashion, P-Square (Peter and Paul Okoye), have decided to make the most of their foray into the U.S.music industry by doing more than just telling the chicks to 'chop my money' with Akon.
Shown for the first time here is P-Square ft.Rick Ross.
“It is the Boko Haram terrorists we are battling with now as you can hear. They wanted to enter through Dalwa. But we are tackling them”.
Each of those contracted for the rallies are paid between N500 and N5,000.
It was learnt that the situation had prompted the President’s security team to take extra measures to protect him as he prepared to visit Gombe, Yobe and Niger states this week.
The sentimental song, which debuted on New Year’s Eve, was written from the perspective of Kanye’s mother, Dr. Donda West, who passed away in 2007.
The sources said there was heightened apprehension about an impending attack, hence the decision to reassign female soldiers to Nigeria’s capital.