Samuel L. Jackson: Hair Over The Years
Samuel Leroy Jackson usually gets to pick his own hairstyles for each character he portrays
Jackson is bald, but enjoys wearing unusual wigs in his films. Jackson has reflected on his decision to go bald: "I keep ending up on those 'bald is beautiful' lists. It's cool. You know, when I started losing my hair it was during the era when everybody had lots of hair. ... All of a sudden I felt this big hole in the middle of my afro, I couldn't face having a comb over so I had to quickly figure what the haircut for me was."
His 'hair culture' began when he had to shave his head for one role, but then he kept receiving more and more roles afterward, and had to keep shaving his head so wigs could be made for him
He co-starred with Bruce Willis for a third time in the supernatural thriller Unbreakable,
the 2000 remake of the 1971 film Shaft.
] Jackson's sole film in 2001 was The Caveman's Valentine, where he played a homeless musician in a murder thriller.
In 2002 he played a recovering alcoholic attempting to keep custody of his kids while fighting a battle of wits with Ben Affleck's character in Changing Lanes.[3]
He returned for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, seeing his minor supporting role develop into a major character. Mace Windu's purple lightsaber in the film was the result of Jackson's suggestion; he wanted to be sure that his character would stand out in a crowded battle scene.
Jackson then acted as a a kilt-wearing drug dealer in The 51st State.
In 2003, Jackson acted as a police sergeant alongside Colin Farrell in the television show remake S.W.A.T.
His last film for 2005 was The Man alongside comedian Eugene Levy

In, 2006 Jackson was in Snakes on a Plane, gained cult film status months before it was released based on its title and cast. Jackson's decision to star in the film was solely based on the title.[80] To build anticipation for the film, he also cameoed in the 2006 music video "Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)" by Cobra Starship.

In 2007, he portrayed a blues player who imprisons a young woman (Christina Ricci) addicted to sex in Black Snake Moan, and the horror film 1408, an adaptation of the Stephen King short story. In 2008, Jackson acted in Lakeview Terrace where he played a racist cop who terrorizes an interracial couple and he also starred along with Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes (who both died prior to the film's release) in Soul Men.

In 1980, Jackson married actress and sports channel producer LaTanya Richardson, whom he met while attending Morehouse College. The couple have a daughter, Zoe, born in 1982. In 2009, they started their own charitable organization to help support education. Jackson and Richardson live in Los Angeles, California.

Jackson has revealed in an interview that he sees every one of his movies in theaters with paying customers claiming that "Even during my theater years, I wished I could watch the plays I was in — while I was in them! I dig watching myself work."

He also enjoys collecting the action figures of the characters he portrays in his films, including Jules Winnfield, Shaft, Mace Windu, and Frozone. He is a comic book and anime fan.
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