Reasons Why We Love Nerea Camacho Of White Slave.

Nerea Camacho Ramos is a Spanish actress. Born in Balanegra, Almería, Spain.

Versatile film and television star who has become widely known for her portrayal of Victoria in the 2016 series La esclava blanca. She has also been seen in the show Bienvenidos al Lolita and the films Héroes and Tres metros sobre el cielo.

She began studying acting at the age of nine and by 2008 had made her debut in the feature drama Camino and in 2009 she was the third youngest actress to win a 23rd Goya Awards for her role in the film Camino.

Outside of her screen work, she also appeared in the 2015 theatre production of La morena as Alma.

In the 2016 Colombian series La esclava blanca, she was joined by established actors Natasha Klauss and Roberto Cano.

Nerea Camacho acted as Victoria Quintero in the series “White Slave” also referred as “La Esclava Blanca”.

Watch “White Slave” daily on DStv 257 and GOtv 96 at 5:00pm daily.

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