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  • September 5, 2018

Tyler Perry Offers Geoffrey Owens a Spot on His Show After The Former Cosby Star Was Shamed For Working in a Store.

Former Cosby star Geoffrey Owens was spotted bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s and he was shamed for it. But his shame is about to turn to fame again as stars have rallied around him to declare support for him and movie director Tyler Perry has now offered him a spot in his next movie.

Geoffrey, who starred as Elvin in the Cosby show, was seen working the register and bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s, Clifton, New Jersey, where he gets paid around $11 per hour. The customer who he attended to took his photo and shared online and he was job-shamed.

But, stars immediately began declaring support for him and praised him for doing what he had to do to earn a decent pay.

Writer and director, Tyler Perry has now promised Geoffrey a job in Opray Winfrey Network’s number 1 drama which will start filming next.

Announcing the news via Twitter, Perry wrote:

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