• February 7, 2018

Eva Luna, Forever More, El Cartel – all the must see ONMAX Telenovelas!

There are brand new shows on DStv channel 257 and GOtv channel 96, ONMAX – Here are all the action telenovelas to tune in to daily!

Forever More | shows daily at 10pm (WAT), repeat at 12noon (WAT)

Xander and Agnes’ extraordinary relationship starts after an intoxicated Xander crash lands his parachute into a strawberry truck. To teach him a lesson, his parents made him pay for the damages he caused by making him work at the strawberry farm

El Cartel | shows daily at 10:45pm (WAT), repeat at 12:45am (WAT)

Two friends enter the illegal drugs business, thinking it is the fastest way to become rich. The illegal drug trafficking world seems attractive to all these middle-class people, who overlook the associated dangers and legal problems.

Eva Luna | shows daily from 2pm (WAT), repeat at 2am (WAT)
A love story set in Los Angeles, Eva Luna revolves around the life of Eva Gonzalez, a young woman of extra ordinary beuty, humble and hardworking. Like so many immigrants coming to America, Eva arrives with her father and younger sister to California.

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