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  • February 7, 2018

BBNaija: Cee-C ‘friendzones’ Tobi

Tobi had to bring the two girls behind closed doors to settle whatever underlying issues they had. Princess went first stating that there were no issues between them other than the time Cee-C flared up at her during the “chicken incident.”

Cee-C explained all issues as they reached a stalemate. “I really don’t have issues with you. I thought we were closer,” Princess admitted.

“Moving forward, I don’t want to have issues again. We started very cool; I was eating your food. And we just had a very bad vibe,” Cee-C stated.

Princess admitted that she was disappointed in herself.

“I am the only one that calls people and report them to themselves and leave them to keep talking about the issues.”

“I even pushed you to a guy you liked.”

However, Cee-C tried to clear the air saying she just began to have feelings for Tobi. She admitted she wasn’t in love with him earlier on and he was not in the cadre of guys she liked.

Even though she admitted that the tides have changed now and She and Tobi are getting along.

“I didn’t know when I said Choose me. What we even have now is play friendship,” the down-to-earth Cee-C finally defined her relationship.

Both girls came to the point of resolving all issues from the genesis as well as charted a new template for their “clean slate” friendship.

This was done to the admiration of other house mates.

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