“I don’t want any of my films to be called ‘Gollywood’” – Film Maker Leila Djansi

According to Ghana news network, Leila Djansi, a film producer and director has added her voice to ‘Gollywood’ debate, explaining why she thinks the renaming is much ado about nothing.

According to her, she does not want her movies to be tagged ‘Gollywood.’
About a week ago, ‘Gollywood’ was launched at the Ghana 60 Years On Film Summit in Accra, as the official name for Ghana’s film industry.
This has engendered controversies, with major film associations dissociating themselves from the decision.

Here is Leila Djansi’s thought of the matter:
Hollywood–the pinnacle of glam and wealth–the signature of success for anyone in entertainment.

Hollywood in California was once an agricultural village, an independent county/city with Los Angeles as its neighbour.

Filmmakers fleeing from the east coast and Thomas Edison sought a new central filmmaking location; the city of Hollywood was the smart choice. The sun was up long, it’s always sunny in California. The area boasted of varying landscapes, from deserts to mountains and even snow.

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