10 More Reasons To Watch ‘Avenida Brasil’

Need more reasons to watch “Avenida Brasil” on ONTV Nigeria/,ax? Here are 10 reasons to watch the the show tonight, at 10PM – Nigerian time:

1. Quality Of Production: The picture quality of this telenovela is like no other. It looks like a film. You will be surprised at how good the Globo melodrama looks on your screen and in HD. Telemundo’s only production on-air right now that looks similar might be “Dueños Del Paraíso” and that was only produced last year. “Avenida Brasil” was produced in 2012, even though it’s a couple of years old, it still looks great.

2. Great Actors: The actors of this Joao Emanuel Carneiro telenovela are superb. Although the telenovela is dubbed in Spanish, the expressions that these actors convey with their face and body movement will only add to the monotone voice actors. Even though the dub work is really good, it’s not the same as watching it in its original audio, but because the actors convey so much, you will not even notice it.

3. Carmina Is The Best: Carmina is the top villain of this telenovela and even though you are supposed to hate her because she’s the worst human ever, you will love her. She actually ends up being funny even, because the things she does is nobody will ever do in real life. Or will they?

4. Social Issues: “Avenida Brasil” is a contemporary telenovela and deals with a lot of social issues that everyone can identify with. It deals with the love of those who didn’t necessarily give life to a child, love between two people from a distance and different ages and a love that has to be suppressed due to the negative stigma of loving someone of the same gender.

5. Revenge Storyline: Who doesn’t like a good avenger? Our heroine is back to make justice and will put her life to the side to fulfill her promise.

6. Something For Everyone: This telenovela is so rich in characters that you will most likely find one that you identify with.

7. Re-watchable: We’ve seen many telenovelas, but “Avenida Brasil” is one that we can watch over and over again. Telemundo aired this last year and we can’t wait to watch the re-run, now in primetime.

8. Everyone Loves It: This telenovela has been loved by everyone. It’s not every year that a telenovela is a hit everywhere it airs. “Avenida Brasil” is in the ranks of “El Clon,” “Yo Soy Betty La Fea” and Thalia’s Maria’s-trilogy.

9. It’s Brazil!: We guarantee that after watching this telenovela you will have set up your summer plans to take a trip down to Rio De Janeiro. The shots are beautiful and will show you Brazil like only Rede Globo can with it’s gorgeous beaches and scenery.

10. Oi Oi Oi:  The theme song is one to look out for because it’s catchy and you will be singing “Oi Oi Oi” all day, every day.

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