Watch: Official trailer confirms ‘Deadpool’ will be the funniest Marvel movie ever

20th Century Fox has now released a new trailer for the upcomingDeadpool film and it confirms what we’ve suspected all along: That it will be the funniest Marvel movie ever. For the uninitiated, Deadpool is a foul-mouthed wisecracking assassin who frequently breaks the fourth wall and who shows an awareness that he’s a fictional character in a comic book. The very-not-safe-for-work trailer shows that the film will bring the anarchic spirit that made the comic so much fun to the big screen.

The trailer begins by introducing us to Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces operative who agrees to undergo a radically experimental treatment for cancer that ends up enhancing all of his already impressive fighting skills. The treatment leaves him horribly disfigured, however — as Deadpool himself remarks during the trailer, he looks like “a testicle with teeth” when he’s not wearing his mask.

The trailer also shows Deadpool killing lots and lots of people with the kind of over-the-top gore we would expect from the beloved anti-hero. After one particularly impressive kill sequence, Deadpool snorts gun smoke like it was cocaine and declares directly to the camera that, “I’m touching myself tonight.”

Check out the whole trailer below

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