Qubool Hai

Genre: Drama
Showing Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs,Fri,Sat,Sun By 1.30PM on OnTV

Qubool Hai is a soap opera on Zee TV produced by 4 Lions Films. The show focuses on the Muslim community and initially aimed to dispel stereotypes regarding Islam, and has been credited with leading the way for more Muslim oriented programming.

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18 thoughts on “Qubool Hai”

  1. Can you pls show pavitra rishta at night for those of us that are not able to watch it at 1:30 pm……..and pls try to fix ONTV on DSTV. thanks

      1. Showing it at night is the best bet. A lot of people would like to watch it. Better still, you could have archives of streamed episodes here on ontvsite

        1. Hi Mysticaa, can we play a game? Get 20 persons who would be interested and have the facility to stream, we would have it uploaded every week. deal?

          1. Deal! I started from season 1 and am currently watching season 19 (790 episode)… You guys are quite far but please start uploading it here so we can watch it in English language. The one on Youtube is in Hindu

          2. Hello OnTV Admin

            Please can i understand this better if i can be of help. Becos believe me i am 1 of those who would really appreciate watching it onlive stream.

  2. Ontv agent av bought a new phone for quick finger buh yu r nt showing the airtime like b4….jus show it d normal so i can win 1 .,mayb yur agent r typin it also dat av nt win an airtime #reply @#olusanyaoluwalonidaniel@yahoo.com

  3. That moment wen we get to watch 20mins out of 60mins of the said program. i wld like to call ontv’s attention to this, as much as i love dis station, whats with them getting us at d edge of our seats and disappointing us at the end of d day, 1st, it was hypro smetin Brazilian/mexica soap opera, suddenly it was stoped and replaced with SNAKES AND LIZARDS, exactly wen i wz aving so much fun,it waz replace wit MAYA and SIR CHIEF ( careful wit hrt) cmon guys d same tin happend to GRACHI. its rily nt fair, u guys shld pls work on it, n ls keep up d good job on d wrld of entertaiments

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