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Reno Omokri thinks El Rufai is a backbiter and backstabber

In reaction to El-Rufai's memo to President Muhammadu Buhari, Omokri - Former President Goodluck Jonathan's...

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900 Aero Contractor employees are now without Jobs

Aero Contractors Airline, which is under the management of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria...

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What El Rufai told President Buhari about Nollywood

It is no news that El-Rufai had recently sent a lengthy memo to President Muhammadu Buhari arguing that...

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Uber chief executive in another scandal, arguing with an Uber driver

Uber chief executive, Travis Kalanick caught on video arguing with a driver about fares. In a video...

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There's drought in Somalia and new President calls it 'a national disaster'

Somalia's new president has declared a national disaster over a drought that threatens millions of people...

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Women in Zambia can take a day off for Menstrual Pain

Ladies, don’t you just hate the first day of your period (or your period in general)? At least, most...

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Manchester United's Jose Mourinho says he has changed

Former Real Madrid, Inter Milan, FC Porto and Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has revealed he is no longer as abrasive, hot tempered or disruptive as he used to be when he was younger and in his previous...

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Issa Hayatou loses 29 years CAF Presidency to Ahmad Ahmad

Issa Hayatou, president of the Confederation of African Football (Caf) for an era spanning 29 years and a senior administrator at Fifa throughout its years of corruption scandals, has finally been deposed,...

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President Buhari gets a Hilarious welcome back song!

President Buhari was away for 49 days on medical leave and only returned days ago. KarksTV welcomed him back with a spin on rapper Mase's 'welcome back'! What is your take on this welcome back song...

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Watch Barack Obama sing funny “F*ck Donald Trump”

A YG fan has decided to remix some of Barack Obama’s speech and to hear him sing “F*ck Donald Trump” is pure magic ! Last month, famous YouTube channel Baracksdubs published his Obama remix...

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OnTV at 5, Giveaways!
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See the LG Stylus 2 Plus! Win 1 in the #OnTVat5 Giveaway this week!

LG Stylus 2 Plus is a phone you want to have! Key Features Premium & Sleek Design 5.7" Full...

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Meet all - maybe most of the #OnTVat5 Winners so far

It is raining gifts from us as we clock five years as a TV brand in Lagos and Nigeria. Winners have emerged...

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How to improve your chances of winning in the #OnTVat5 100 days Giveaway

OnTV is 5 and we have been giving away LG smartphones everyday via the OnTV official social media accounts...

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